Maxitrol began distributing its products in the European market in 1965 when it opened a division in Senden, Germany, and increased its presence in 1993 by partnering with Mertik Regelungstechnik GmbH, located in Thale, Germany. New affiliate Mertik Regelungstechnik was reorganized and renamed Mertik Maxitrol. Today, Mertik attributes more than 95% of its sales to products developed since 1993 and holds 51 patents in 15 countries. The two company’s product lines compliment each other with Mertik producing gas combination controls, gas safety products, and the new Plug1 gas convenience outlet. Maxitrol and Mertik often pool their talent for joint projects. Maxitrol Company’s headquarters is currently located in Southfield, Michigan with production facilities in Blissfield and Colon, Michigan. Throughout the years Maxitrol Company has undergone many changes and faced many challenges, but through the work of talented and dedicated employees, it continues to develop innovative technology for the natural gas industry.