Warren Technology

Warren Technology has provided electric heating equipment for more than 60 years. Warren offers custom duct and standard unitary slip-in heaters to meet electric heating specification and design requirements. Incorporated in 1957 as a manufacturer of electric heaters, Warren Technology has assumed a leading role within the HVAC industry, designing, developing, and manufacturing a broad spectrum of precision heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning products. Warren was one of the first U.S. companies to integrate its flexible manufacturing computer-controlled machinery with its internally developed computer-aided design (CAD) to attain what is known today as computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM). This unique process enables Warren to develop, test, and fabricate products quickly in response to the changing needs of our customers.
Warren Technology has proven to be ahead of its time by engineering products designed to meet the comfort needs of individuals. Through an extensive research and development program, Warren continues to make great strides in HVAC technology. Warren holds five U.S. patents and more than 15 foreign patents, with new products under development. By making the issues of health, comfort, and economy an integral part of our products, Warren Technology continues to lead the way by setting the standard for indoor environmental solutions.