Omega Flex

OmegaFlex is a leading manufacturer of flexible metal hose, which is used in a variety of applications to carry gases and liquids within their particular applications. These applications include carrying liquefied gases in certain processing applications, fuel gases within residential and commercial buildings and vibration absorbers in high vibration applications. In addition, our flexible metal piping is used to carry other types of gases or fluids in a number of industrial applications where the customer requires a degree of flexibility, an ability to carry corrosive compounds or mixtures, a double containment system, or piping to carry gases or fluids at very high or very low (cryogenic) temperatures.
OmegaFlex manufactures flexible metal hose at its facilities in Exton, Pennsylvania, with a minor amount of manufacturing performed in Banbury, England. The Company sells its product through distributors, wholesalers and to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) throughout North America, and in certain European markets. Manufacturer of corrugated flexible metal hose and braid products for the processing industries and other specialized applications.