EWC Controls

EWC Controls is best known for our role as the industry leader in zoning solutions and designs. We collaborate closely with our customers in order to exceed their expectations. Our commitment is to provide exceptional service with the highest quality of products, our mission is our customers success. In order to provide this level of support we rely on an exceptional cast of employees.EWC Controls is a family owned business that was started in 1961. We are on the third generation of ownership and look forward to continuing the success and leadership that has built our company into what it is today. Our employees are the ones who have made this all possible. They are the reason for our success. The average length of employment at EWC is 17 1/2 years. The commitment to quality and dependability that our employees posess is unmatched by any other worker anywhere in the world.
EWC celebrates it's 55th anniversary in 2016. Since the beginning our strength has been extraordinarily talented and motivated employees. We strive to provide an exceptional work environment in which our employees' contributions and ideas are both recognized and valued. EWC's organization is lean and efficient, empowering decision-making through-out all levels of the company. Believing in the power of our people remains a vital element to our Company's continued success and longevity.