CopperWatcher™ was developed as a solution to the air conditioning side of copper theft. You might think an owner of an air conditioning company would go along with the sharp increase in air conditioner copper theft by providing the replacement equipment. But seeing the despair in the eyes of the victims as they tried to understand why, stirred a desire. A desire to right a wrong perpetrated by thieves who were tearing apart vital equipment worth thousands of dollars for the copper coil from unsuspecting owners of residential and commercial property. One night over dinner with a friend, who is in the security alarm business, the copper theft subject came up and the marriage between an air conditioner and a security system was put into motion. Moving forward, they became the research and development team building and testing several prototypes. Overcoming all obstacles the final anti-theft system was manufactured, tested, and installed with great success. It was a proud moment when the vision became a reality.