Bohn Low Profile Walk-in Unit Cooler (LET120BWMC6K)

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Product Information

Designed to maintain room temperatures from -20°F to +34°F. Their low silhouette and flush-to-ceiling mounting makes them ideal for use in low ceiling freezers or coolers with limited headroom. Use LET (6 FPI) in rooms where light or medium frost loads are expected. Use LLE (4 FPI) in rooms with heavy frost loads. Features include heavy aluminum casing and stainless steel screws for corrosion resistance, molded fan guards for ease in cleaning and directional air flow, and complete factory wiring of defrost components.

New design allows easy front access to electrical and refrigeration components. More volume in electrical cavity for component installation. Heaters are attached to coil... no need to disconnect from electrical board to drop drain pan

MK models ship with PSC motors; BEK models ship with electronically commutated motors (EC)

Height: 15" + drain pan slope and spud

Depth: 12" + fan guard (6")

Capacity 10°F T.D.

Factory Mounted Expansion Valve-Liquid Line Solenoid Valve-Thermostat Included

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