HONEYWELL TR75 - Lighting Stryker - Bacnet Packaged With Tr75 Zio Plus Configuration/Scene Selection Device


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Product Information

The Honeywell Lighting Stryker applies proven building automation technology to lighting. The Lighting Stryker sends low-voltage signals to lighting relays and 0-10 volt dimming devices to deliver simple, yet powerful lighting control strategies for energy savings. When used with a TR75 Zio Plus, the Wall Module Configuration Wizard embedded in the Lighting Stryker makes setting up lighting control strategies easy and intuitive. Lighting scenes, switching, smart scheduling, occupancy/ vacancy detection, dimming, daylight harvesting, demand response and task tuning can all be easily configured and adjusted with the TR75 Zio Plus. Installers can set up the system as a standalone lighting control network or integrate to HVAC, security, video and other building automation systems. The Lighting Stryker provides BMS connectivity via BACnet objects for easy integration to WEBs-AX or other leading building automation systems.
  • Pre-programmed and Configurable Through WE
  • Bs-AX can network multiple zones Configured for 0-10V dimming and switching control Relay output option allows for full off of 0-10V systems Zio Smart Scene Selector serves as both configuration tool and scene selector Designed for the HVAC Contractor to install, configure and maintain Easier to install and takes less time to configure than proprietary lighting control systems BMS connectivity via BA
  • Cnet objects for easy commissioning and integration to Honeywell and other building automation systems

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