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iO HVAC Controls TS-55 Temp Stat 55 Degree Thermostat, Heating

    iO HVAC Controls
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Product Information

iO HVAC Controls TS-55
Temp Stat Features: 
- 55 Degree.
- Heating only.
- Low Temperature Thermostat. 

Temp Stats are low cost, non-adjustable, temporary construction thermostats preset to a given temperature. Available in heating or cooling models. Use in place of a regular thermostat that can be stolen, damaged or tampered with. Save on heating and cooling costs during construction or anywhere you need to maintain a given temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Temp-Stat wired?
It is simply connected across the “W” and “R” terminals (just like any heat-only thermostat).

• Is there any limitation on the thermostat wire run length?
No; Temp-Stat is not an electronic sensor, it is a special bimetal thermostat with the same limitations of any other standard thermostat.

• What type of control circuit should be used with Temp-Stat?
Use it with only 24 Volt control circuits with a maximum current of 1.0 Amp. Use a relay kit (CS-RY-115 or CS-RY-220) if controlling a line voltage circuit.

• How is Temp-Stat wired for a heat pump?
Typically the resistance heat is operated during construction; therefore Temp-Stat would be wired across “W” and “R”. Depending on the equipment, a jumper may be required between “W” and “G” at the air handler to control the fan; however, if the compressor is to be used for temporary heat, simply wire across “Y” and “R” (assuming the changeover valve is energized on a call for cooling).

• Can a simple switch be used in series with Temp-Stat to turn the furnace on and off?
Yes; however, the easiest way is to use the “ssu” switch that is almost always installed at the side of the furnace to turn it on and off.

• Can a Temp-Stat be used for cooling applications?
Yes; however, a cooling version (CL-70, CL-75, CL-80) must be used because it “makes” on a rise in temperature. It is recommended that a 2-wire short cycle timer be installed in the control circuit of the cooling unit (some units may have this built in).

• What is the expected life of a Temp-Stat?
It is the same as any other standard thermostat.

• Do heat, moisture and vibration cause any problems?
Heat and moisture do not affect Temp-Stat; however, vibration could cause it to work improperly. It is recommended that it not be mounted on any vibrating surface.

• What is the temperature differential of Temp-Stat?
11/2 degree Fahrenheit.

• What is the warranty?
Temp-Stat has a one (1) year warranty.

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