Goodman - 4.0 Ton Cooling - Air Conditioner + Air Handler System + Heater Coil - 14.5 SEER2

GSXN404810 / AMST48CU1400 / HKSC10XC
SKU / MPN: GSXN404810 / AMST48CU1400 / HKSC10XC

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Goodman - 4.0 Ton Cooling - Air Conditioner + Air Handler System - 14.5 SEER2 + 10 Kilowatt, 34,100 BTU Heater Coil: GSXN404810, AMST48DU1400, HKSC10XC and an AHRI Rating of 208800447

Goodman’s energy efficient central air bundle will provide a “cool” solution for your home's HVAC system; with the addition of a low-cost heating coil for your air handler. This bundle contains a GSXN404810 air conditioner, an AMST48DU1400 air handler with a multi-speed blower motor, and a HKSC10XC 34,100 btu heating element that provides occasional warmth in normally warm climates. . The multi-speed ECM motor provides you with energy efficient circulation. These units provide impressive durability, easy accessibility and energy efficiency.

All-Aluminum Coil
Goodman's evaporator coils use a reliable all-aluminum design featuring sine fins and grooved tubes. This design maximizes surface area and optimizes heat transfer for efficient comfort.

Internal Thermostatic Expansion Valve
The AMST has a factory-installed internal thermostatic expansion valve. This streamlines installation and maintains ideal refrigerant flow for your system.

Condensate Management
The AMST includes a DecaBDE-free thermoplastic drain pan with secondary drain connections, these elements help prevent the formation of condensation and keep your system running smoothly..

Efficient Circulation
The direct-drive, multi-speed blower motor allows air volume variation for heating and cooling ensuring efficient circulation.

Quiet Comfort
The blower, motor, and gas valve of the AMST were selected for their incredibly low sound levels. Additionally, this unit's fan speed options make it easy to maintain virtually silent circulation.

This air handler features a rigid SmartFrame™ sub-structure for enhanced accessibility. It provides tool-less access to the filter rack and includes a coil mounting track that improves installation speed for all four compatible orientations

Energy-Efficient Compressor
This unit utilizes an energy-efficient compressor to provide refrigerant flow.

Copper Tube/Enhanced Aluminum Fin Coil
The condenser coil of this air conditioner is designed with aluminum fins and copper tubing to maximize efficiency. The fins serve to increase surface area, allowing the heat transfer capabilities of the materials to shine.

Secure Cabinet
This air handler enjoys reduced noise levels, less than 2% air leakage, and enhanced durability as a result of its insulated, leather grain embossed cabinet finish.

Factory-Installed Filter Drier
A filter drier is installed in the liquid line of this air conditioner. The filter drier removes moisture and traps impurities, preventing corrosion, freezing, and blockages that can negatively impact the operation of the air conditioner.

Extended Warranty
Goodman offers a 10-year limited parts warranty when you register your product online within 60 days of installation (except Heating Element which has 5 year parts warranty).. An unregistered product has the standard 5-year warranty.

Integrated Circuit Breaker
The HKSC10XC includes a factory-installed circuit breaker to protect your home's electrical system from damaging short circuits and overloads.

Multi-Stage Operation
Goodman electric heat kits are compatible with multi-stage heating controls. This makes it easy to ensure your home receives as much, or as little, heat as it needs.

The recommended line set size for this system will vary based on the length of line set you require for installation. The US Department of Energy regulates minimum efficiency standards for central air conditioners and heat pumps based on geographic regions. The standards depend on the rated efficiency of the entire system, not the nominal efficiencies of individual components.

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