Ducane 9,000 BTU Wall Mounted Heat Pump Ductless Mini-Split System - 18 SEER

4DHV1S09S-1P / DWH109S4-1P
SKU / MPN: 4DHV1S09S-1P / DWH109S4-1P

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Bundle Includes

Installation Accessories


Wall Mounted Indoor Unit:

Low-sound, three-speed Wall Mount with LED display offers
three access points for refrigerant outlet pipes: left, right
or rear. The front panel can be raised for accessible wiring
and maintenance. Swing louver angles to 90°. Unit installs
horizontally on a vertical wall.

  • Pre-Heat Function - Delays the operation of the fan until the indoor coil has reached a pre-determined temperature which prevents the discharge of cold air while the system is operating in the “heating” mode.
  • LED Readout - Mounted on unit. LED displays unit operation status, and codes for maintenance and servicing.
  • Auto Restart - Automatically restores the previous function setting if power is interrupted.
  • Cooling Override - Button on the indoor unit allows a temporary 30 minute override of the system for forced “AUTO” or “COOLING” operation.
  • Flare Connections - Equipped with liquid and gas flare fittings for quick and secure piping.
  • Multi-Refrigerant Outlet - Allows left, right, or rear access for refrigeration line connection.
  • Three Speed Fan - Fan functions at three speeds: low, medium and high.
  • Air Filter - Cleanable air filter is furnished as standard.

Outdoor Heat Pump Unit:


  • Variable Frequency Rotary 
  • Compressor Compressor features high efficiency operation. Balanced for reduced vibration and quiet operation. 
  • Brushless DC motor uses powerful Neodymium magnets, which are approximately 15-20 times stronger than ferrite magnets used in conventional AC compressors. 

Compressor Crankcase Heater 

  • Protects against liquid refrigerant migration that can occur during low ambient operation. 


DC Inverter Control 

  • Provides continuous operation, while adjusting capacity according to room temperature. 
  • The accurate sensing of cooling loads prevents frequent changes in capacity and ensures efficient, economical operation. 

Inverter Module Protection 

  • Protects against differences in current, voltage and temperature. Displays code on the indoor unit indicating a need for servicing. Outdoor Unit Microprocessor 
  • Electronic expansion valve control. 
  • Automatic compressor timed-off protection (3 minutes). Temperature sensor. 
  • LEDs on control display error codes and assist in troubleshooting. 4-Way reversing valve control. 

Capillary Tube Refrigerant Metering 

  • Refrigerant metering device consisting of small diameter tubes feeding liquid refrigerant into the evaporator coil. 
  • Furnished on all units. 

Check Valve 

  • Bypasses refrigerant during the reverse heating cycle. 
  • Furnished on all models. 

Compressor Overcurrent Protection 

  • Overcurrent protection can result due to any of the following: 
  • • Ambient temperature is too high 
  • • Locked rotor on the compressor 
  • • Outdoor air is blocked or restricted 

Condenser High Temperature Protection 

  • Condenser high temperature can occur due to any of the following conditions: 
  • • High outdoor ambient 
  • • Outdoor fan blocked 

• Outdoor coil blocked 

  • The outdoor coil thermistor continuously monitors the temperature and communicates with the microprocessor. 
  • Depending on the temperature measured, the compressor will be allowed to increase the frequency if needed to meet the load or is forced to run at the current or reduced frequency. If the temperature becomes excessively high the compressor will be de-energized. 

Compressor Discharge Temperature Protection 

  • The compressor discharge line thermistor continuously monitors the temperature and communicates with the microprocessor. Depending on the temperature measured, the compressor will be allowed to increase the frequency to meet the load or is forced to run at the current or reduced frequency. If the temperature becomes excessively high, the compressor will be de-energized. Voltage Protection 
  • Protects unit from low or high voltage fluctuations. 

Terminal Strip 

  • Furnished for easy wiring connections. 

Defrost Control 

  • Defrost cycle is automatically enabled if there is a build-up of frost on the outdoor coil. Outdoor fan and indoor blower operation is terminated during the defrost cycle. 
  • Defrost LED is lit on the indoor unit panel on the front cover during a defrost cycle. 

Reversing Valve 

  • 4-way interchange reversing valve effects a rapid change in direction of refrigerant flow resulting in quick changeover from cooling to heating and vice versa. 
  • Valve operates on pressure differential between outdoor unit and indoor unit of the system. 


  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel. 
  • Tabs on unit base allow secure mounting to slab. 
  • Condensate drain outlets furnished on unit base. Drain must be field furnished. 
  • Access cover for power and control wiring connections. 
  • Access cover for service valves.



Safety Information

By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to have this product installed by a trained technician. The installer or servicer assumes all responsibility for injury or property damage that may result. Refer to your local jurisdiction for installer licencing requirements.

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