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Product Information

A/C condensate drain pan overflows are a very common and costly service problem. The overflows are caused by slime and sludge that builds up and clogs the drain line. The A/C Drain Sucker quickly removes the clog and excess water, resolving the overflow problem. The kit also includes PurCool® Green 3 Ton Tablet (#61048) to clean and treat any remaining slime and sludge left in the pan and lines, providing months of preventive treatment and free-flowing drains.

Protects A/C system and home from damage caused by drain pan overflows
Clears clogs from inside of drain pan using pressure or at end of drain line using suction
Versatile cone fits many different hose sizes
A/C Drain Sucker can be used as a transfer pump to remove water directly from the pan
Includes hoses, PurCool Green 3 ton tablets, and fittings for suction or pressure applications

  • Clenair A/C Drain Sucker Kit
  • Includes: Drain Sucker & Hoses
  • PurCool Shock Tabs
  • PurCool Pan Strip Treatment
  • All Fittings for Suction or Pressure Applications
  • 2 Lbs


    To Clear Clogged Condensate Drains Using Suction Pressure:

    1. Connect the two gray hoses to the top (suction) and bottom (discharge) fittings on the drain sucker pump body. Make sure to push the gray hose snugly into the pump fitting and then slide the black connector fitting tightly over the hose and pump fitting.
    2. Connect the barbed end of the 3/4” PVC coupling to the top hose on the A/C Drain Sucker.
    3. Slip the 3/4” PVC coupling over the 3/4” PVC condensate drain outlet where it terminates.
    4. Set the outlet of the discharge (bottom) hose where it can safely discharge water.
    5. Begin pumping to remove clog and excess condensate water.

    To Blow Out a Clogged Condensate Drain Pan:

    1. Connect hoses to the pump body as described above.
    2. Connect the barbed end of the black cone to the bottom hose on the drain sucker.
    3. Push the black rubber cone fitting snugly into the drain in the drain pan.
    4. Begin pumping to build pressure and break up clogs.
    5. This procedure can also be done from the terminal end of the drain line.

    Cleaning & Treating A/C Condensate Drain Pans:

    Once drain clogs are cleared, use the PurCool Green tablet for long-term prevention of drain clogs and overflows. PurCool tablets will not float and provide up to six months of time-release treatment.

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