Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FH06NA - 6000 BTUH Hyperheat Wall Mount Indoor Air Handling Unit

    Mitsubishi Electric
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Product Information

Mitsubishi - Ductless M-Series 6000 Btu Heat Pump H2i Inverter Wall Mounted (Matches MUZ-FH06NA)

  • Updated sleek, compact indoor unit design
  • Includes Standard, Platinum Deodorizing, and Anti-allergy Enzyme filters for a complete air purifying system
  • Powerful Mode function permits system to temporarily run at a lower/higher temperature with an increased fan speed, which quickly brings the room to the optimum comfort level
  • Integrated i-see Sensor automatically adjusts the units operation according to temperature differences detected between the floor and the intake air, ensuring optimum comfort and energy usage

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