Mitsubishi - 15k BTU Cooling + Heating - M-Series H2i Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System - 22.0 SEER

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Product Information

For over 50 years, Mitsubishi has remained at the forefront of the mini split industry thanks to their dedication to providing efficient, user-friendly comfort solutions. Part of Mitsubishi's hyper-heating product line, the MZ-FH15NA is a packaged single zone heat pump mini split system designed to bring high-efficiency zoned comfort to homes in frigid climates. The wall mounted indoor unit, MSZ-FH15NA, boasts a functional design, and operates at volumes as low as 25 dB. Thanks to the included mounting plate, it is easy to install on nearly any wall. The outdoor condenser uses some of the most advanced technology available to modulate temperature without the energy-wasting overshoots and short-cycling associated with simpler systems. With an included wireless remote controller, this system is the perfect combination of convenience and comfort for any application in a sub-freezing environment.

  • Precision Temperature Control Technology

The MUZ-FH15NA outdoor condenser includes inverter technology and an electronic linear expansion valve. By adjusting compressor speed and refrigerant flow, output can be matched to the zone for precise temperature control and improved efficiency.

  • i-see Sensor 3D

The MSZ-FH15NA's i-see Sensor 3D monitors its zone for fluctuations in temperature. If it detects an underserved area, the MSZ-FH15NA will temporarily direct airflow to that zone. It also enters energy saving mode if no human heat signatures are detected.

  • H2i Technology

Low or negative ambient temperatures don't bother the MUZ-FH15NA. It is rated for 100% heating capacity at 5 degrees F and continues to provide heating in outdoor conditions as low as -13 degrees F.

  • Advanced Filtration System

With three unique filters inside the MSZ-FH15NA, the air in your zone is not only being conditioned, but it is also actively being cleaned. These filters remove odors, nanoparticles, and bacteria from re-entering your home.

  • Hot-Start

Mitsubishi's hot start technology prevents cold drafts by delaying fan operation until the heat exchanger has warmed up.

  • Smart Set

Mitsubishi's Smart Set function allows you to save a cooling and heating profile, each consisting of temperature, fan speed, and airflow direction. These are easily activated with the Smart Set button on the remote controller.

  • Powerful Mode

The powerful setting on the MSZ-FH15NA makes it easy to get your zone to the perfect temperature quickly. When activated, the unit temporarily increases refrigerant flow and fan speed to provide quick comfort through rapid heating or cooling.

  • Econo Cool Mode

By slowly adjusting the cooling set point and swinging the horizontal vanes, the MSZ-FH15NA can improve the efficiency of cooling operations without compromising the comfort provided.

  • Dehumidification

When the indoor unit runs in dry mode, the coil's temperature stays just below the dew point of the return air, removing unwanted moisture. This improves comfort and reduces the chance of mold growth and other property damage in the conditioned space.

  • Vane Control

Optimal air flow can be achieved with the MSZ-FH15NA with independent vane control and two vane control options, standard and wide. Auto mode selects the best vane position based on operating mode while swing mode cycles through each vane position.

Bundle Includes

  • (1) Mitsubishi - 15k BTU - FH-Series H2i Outdoor Condenser - Single Zone Only (MUZ-FH15NA)
  • (1) Mitsubishi FH-Series 15k BTU Wall Mounted Unit - For Multi or Single-Zone (MSZ-FH15NA)

Required Accessories

This product requires the following accessories for installation:

  • Thermostat (Optional) - Mitsubishi P-Series mini splits do not include a thermostat for system control.
  • Line Set - This double insulated tubing transfers refrigerant efficiently between your outdoor condenser and indoor unit.
  • Drain Tubing - Drain tubing facilitates the reliable and effective removal of condensate from your system. It connects your indoor unit to drain locations of your choosing.
  • Disconnect Box & Electrical Whip Kit - The Disconnect Box & Whip Kit provides a safe and simple way to connect your outdoor condenser to your fuse box.
  • Connecting Wire - This durable, insulated wire provides power to your indoor unit from your outdoor condenser.
  • Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad (Optional) - This pad provides an even surface, free of debris, on which to place your outdoor condenser.
  • Wall Bracket (Optional) - A simple and sturdy way to mount your outdoor condenser off of the ground.

Adding these accessories to your order will provide a complete, ready-to-install mini split system.

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