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Allied Parts 25W67 - 100654-01 24 Fan Blade | 5.6 Lbs

    Allied Parts
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Product Information

Includes:(1) Fan Blade (25W67)
• Specifications:Manufacturer: Air Drive
• Number of Blades: 3
• Diameter: 24
• Bore: 1/2
• Set Screws: 1
• Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:65C68
• 16C00
• 10065401
• 65C6801
• 16C0001
• Replaces Old Allied Armstrong Concord Ducane Part Numbers:65C68
• 16C00
• 10065401
• 65C6801
• 16C0001
• Other Part Numbers:Lennox Air Drive 25W67 26/14 1426925071Fits Models:CHA246501 CHA246511 CHP206511 CHP206512 CHP206531 CHP20V6512 CHP246501 GCS10411501 GCS10411502 GCS10411503 GCS10411504 GCS10411753 GCS10413751 GCS10413752 GCS10413754 GCS10461751 GCS10461752 GCS10461753 GCS10461754 GCS10463751 GCS10463752 GCS10463753 GCS10463754 GCS10X411751 GCS10X411752 GCS10X411753 GCS10X411754 GCS10X413751 GCS10X413753 GCS10X413754 GCS10X461751 GCS10X461752 GCS10X461753 GCS10X461754 GCS10X463751 GCS10X463752 GCS10X463753 GCS10X463754 GCS160721601 GCS246531301 GCS24653781 GCS2465395/1301 GCS24D6511301 GCS24D651781 GHP246501 GHP24D6511 GHP24D65195/130P1 GHP24D6531 HP256511 HP256512 HP256513 HS13311V1 HS13311V2 HS13311V4 HS291202 KCA030S42 KCA036S41 KCA048S41 KCA048S42 KCA060S41 KCA060S42 KCA060S43 KCA072S41 KCA072S42 KCA072S43 KCA092H41 KCA092S41 KCA092S43 KCA102S41 KCA180H41 KCA180S41 KCA210S41 KCA210S42 KCA240H41 KCB036S41 KCB060S41 KGA024S42 KGA036S42 KGA060S42 KGA060S43 KGA060S44 KGA072S41 KGA072S42 KGA090S42 KGA092S41 KGA120S41 KGA120S42 KGA120S43 KGA180H41 KGA180S41 KGA300S41 KGB036S41 KHA030S41 KHA036S42 KHA048S42 KHA060S42 KHA180S41 LCA048H1 LCA090H1 LCA090H41 LCA240H45 LCA240S1 LCA248H42 LCA300H1 LCA300S1 LCA360H2 LCC072S1 LCC090S21 LCC102S1 LCC120S41 LCC180H41 LCC180H42 LCE036H1 LCE060H42 LCE060H43 LCE240H42 LCE240H44 LCH048S42 LCH048S43 LCH060H41 LCH060S42 LCH072H41 LCH094U1 LCH152U1 LCH180H41 LCH240U1 LCH300H41 LCH360H41 LGA048H1 LGA048S1 LGA060S1 LGA072H1 LGA072H2 LGA072S2 LGA090H43 LGA102S1 LGA102S2 LGA120H4 LGA120S2 LGA156H1 LGA210S1 LGA210S2 LGA240H2 LGA248H22 LGA360H2 LGA360H5 LGC072S41 LGC300H43 LGC300S1 LGC300S2 LGC360H21 LGC360H22 LGC360H42 LGE036H1 LGE060H1 LGE120H1 LGE120H42 LGE240H1 LGE240H42 LGE240H43 LGE240H44 LGE240H45 LGH036H41 LGH048H41 LGH048S41 LGH060H42 LGH072H41 LGH092H41 LGH094U1 LGH102H42 LGH120H43 LGH120U1 LGH156H42 LGH240U1 LHA090H1 LHA120H2 LSA120C1 LSA120P1 LSA120P2 LSA180C1 SCC036H42 SCC060H42 SCC288H42 SGC036H42 SGC060H42 TCA030S21 TCA036B21 TCA036S21 TCA048B21 TCA048S21 TCA072S21 TCA090H21 TCA102H21 TCA102S21 TCA210H21 TCA300S21 TGA024S21 TGA048B21 TGA060S21 TGA072S21 TGA090H21 TGA102H21 TGA102S21 TGA120H21 TGA240S21 THA024S21 THA036S21 THA048B21 THA048S21 THA060S21 THA090S22 THA090S23 THA102S21 THA102S22 THA102S23 THA120S21 THA120S22 THA120S23 THA240S21 TSA072S41 TSA120S4D1 TSA120S4S1 TSA240S41 ZCA092S1 ZCA120S1 ZGA092S1 ZGA102S1 ZGA120S1Fits Allied Armstrong Concord Ducane Magic Chef and Magic
Pak Models:HP291202 HS291802 HS292402 KCA024S41 KCA030S41 KCA036S42 KCA048S41 KCA048S42 KCA060S41 KCA060S43 KCA072S43 KCA090S42 KCA090S4BN G PKGEE/7.5T/4604 KCA092H41 KCA092S41 KCA102H41 KCA102S41 KCA102S42 KCA120S41 KCA120S43 KCA156H41 KCA210H41 KCA210S41 KCA240S41 KCA300H41 KCA300S41 KCA300S42 KGA024S41 KGA030S41 KGA036S42 KGA036S43 KGA048S41 KGA060S41 KGA072S42 KGA092H41 KGA092S41 KGA102S41 KGA102S42 KGA120H41 KGA120S42 KGA120S43 KGA180S42 KGA210S41 KGA210S42 KGA240S42 KGA300S41 KGB048S41 KHA024S41 KHA036S41 KHA036S42 KHA048S42 KHA060S42 KHA092S41 KHB024S41 KHB030S41 KHB060S41 LCA048H1 LCA048H3 LCA048S1 LCA060H45 LCA060S1 LCA072H41 LCA102H1 LCA102H3 LCA102H43 LCA102S1 LCA120H1 LCA120H41 LCA150S1 LCA150S2 LCA156H1 LCA180S1 LCA210H1 LCA210H2 LCA210S1 LCA240H1 LCA240H44 LCA240S1 LCA248H21 LCA248H41 LCA248H42 LCA300H1 LCA360H2 LCA360H44 LCH036H42 LCH048H41 LCH048H42 LCH048S41 LCH048S42 LCH072H42 LCH072H43 LCH092H42 LCH102H41 LCH102H42 LCH120H41 LCH120H42 LCH120H43 LCH122U1 LCH152U1 LCH180H42 LCH240U1 LGA048H1 LGA048H2 LGA048H3 LGA048H43 LGA048S2 LGA060H1 LGA060H2 LGA060H44 LGA060H45 LGA072H1 LGA072H2 LGA072H42 LGA072S1 LGA072S2 LGA090H1 LGA090H2 LGA090H3 LGA090H43 LGA102H1 LGA102H2 LGA102H3 LGA102H24 LGA102H44 LGA102S1 LGA102S2 LGA120H1 LGA120H2 LGA120H4 LGA120H43 LGA120S1 LGA120S2 LGA150S1 LGA150S2 LGA150S3 LGA156H1 LGA180H1 LGA180H2 LGA180S1 LGA180S2 LGA210H1 LGA210H2 LGA210S1 LGA210S2 LGA240H1 LGA240H2 LGA240H3 LGA240H44 LGA240H46 LGA240S1 LGA240S2 LGA248H41 LGA248H42 LGA248H43 LGA300H2 LGA360H1 LGA360H2 LGA360H3 LGA360H4 LGA360H5 LGA360H44 LGH036H42 LGH036H44 LGH048H41 LGH048S41 LGH048S43 LGH060H41 LGH060S41 LGH060S43 LGH072H41 LGH102H41 LGH102H42 LGH120H42 LGH120H43 LGH180H42 LGH240U1 LGH242H41 LGH300H41 LGH360H4BH G4 LHA090H1 LHA090H2 LHA102H21 LHA102H22 LHA120H1 LHA180H1 LHA180H2 LHA180H3 LHA240H1 LHA240H3 LSA120C1 LSA120C2 LSA120P1 LSA120P2 LSA240C1 TCA024S21 TCA030S21 TCA036B21 TCA036S21 TCA048B21 TCA090H21 TCA090S21 TCA180S21 TCA300S21 TGA048B21 TGA102S21 TGA120H21 THA048B21 THA048S21 THA090S23 THA102S21 THA102S23 THA120S21 THA120S22 THA120S23 THA240S21 TPA090S4S1 TSA072S41 TSA120S4D1 TSA120S4S1 TSA240S41 ZCA092S1 ZCA102S1 ZGA092S1 ZGA102S1 ZGA120S1

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Safety Information

By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to have this product installed by a trained technician. The installer or servicer assumes all responsibility for injury or property damage that may result. Refer to your local jurisdiction for installer licencing requirements.

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